Viewing Angles: No data shown as 0 degree

Dear S2TBX team,

S2Tbx allows to visualize easily viewing angles (zenith/azimuth) corresponding to a given product.
I suppose this field is computed from one of the viewing angle grids provided in the granule metadata for each spectral band.

The issue is the following: when a grid point falls out the instrument swath, the value is NaN in the product grid, which corresponds to No Data. However in SNAP a value of 0 degree is displayed, which can be misleading. It should be displayed as No data.

For information:
the S2 Mission Performance Center is currently investigating a change of the definition of these viewing angles.


can you open the band properties and select "“No-Data Value Used”?
Below that “No-Data Value” can be defined.

@sclerc, the upcoming 4.0 release of SNAP has some important changes regarding the angles grids, and in particular the viewing angles grids.

This changes are summarized in the already prepared release notes.

This particular issue about grid point falling out the instrument swath is now also fixed.

wow, that sounds promising!