Virtual Environment_RUS

Dear all,
Can you help me, I had a question:
What exactly is this virtual environment and RUS?
I want sentinel-2 LAI, but I do not have much time, Plz help me what platform to use for this process?
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You can calculate LAI with SNAP on your machine, you don’t need the RUS virtual environment.

But you can read more about it here:

RUS has its own forum, if you have more questions on these services:

Thanks for your guide, is there any way we can reduce the amount of sentinel-2 data to download? Because each one is 1 GB

not really, because the data first has to be loaded as a full product into SNAP.

Try using the Eurodatacube service… there are other platforms around (from RUS to TEPs) that would allow you to do something… for most of them you probably need to pay a fee.