Visualization after interferomer analysis

Dear members, I have produced interferometry from 2 ascending and 2 descending sentinel 1 images. I have produced the LOS and vertical deformations mentioned in the forum. However, I want to visualize it and I have problems with how to do this. is there any program or method you can recommend? I have seen software such as ISCE, Pyrate in the forum, can I do this on windows? the image I want to obtain is attached. thank you for your suggestions.

Depending on the format of your results, you may need intermediate steps. For visualization, you can use QGIS or similar software. If you like python, you can use Cartopy to create maps.

Thank you for your answer @geofisue.
What are the intermediate steps? My results are attached.

my interferometry steps

1)topsar split
2)apply orbit file
6)topo removal
8)goldstein phase filtering
9)shaphu export
10)unwrapping and displacement
Are there any steps I should follow in snap after these?

Thank you again.

You just open your results in QGIS (add raster), change ramp color, select map background and other elements, like location of faults and earthquakes (you need to have data of those). Then you make a new map composition. I recommend you follow a tutorial on creating maps with QGIS.