WARNING:Max.error bperp modeling at 3D datapoints:9.960958066836925m

Recently, I processed a whole workflow from SNAP to Stamps for a displacement detection .I select Beijing as my area and time span is 2018.3-2019.3. Thans to the powerful tools SNAP and Stamps, I succeed in geting the displacement,but when I ran ESD and Interferogram tools ,I got some warnings: WARNING:org.jlinda.core.Baseline:Max. erroe bperp modeling at 3D datapoints:9.960873285710512. I read some related threads in S-1 forum, and information was too little. Only thing I can know is this error can be neglected, but I am still confused why this happened , what it imply ? and what this means? I will appreciated it if someone can tell me about this! Below is the detail warning and my baseline information

I’m getting the same warning when using the Back-Geocoding tool on a set of S-1 images.