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hi every one
who can help me to get images SAR for Snap and the free website to those images
my new project is about Time series for monitoring and observation the build and the procesing how i can use Snap for DinSAR and PSinSAR time series

best regard

I’ll copy my own answer from ResearchGate:

Some of them require registration or to submit a short proposal, but all sources are free.

Sentinel-1 (C-band, since 2014)

ALOS PALSAR (L-band, 2006-2011)

ERS-1/2 & Envisat (C-band, 1991-2011)

ALOS-2 (L-Band, since 2015) and JERS-1 (1996)

SIR-C/X-SAR (X,C,L, 1994)

Seasat (1987)

SAR Collections from EarthData


thanks Dr Stefan Auer

we would to like to get me some information about time series in SNAP

best regard

Stefan Auer is a different guy :slight_smile:

You will find many topics on multi-temporal use ofn SAR in this forum.

sorry Mr Andreas Braun

are their is teturial in Time series or take one image as master and the others as Slaves image ?

currently, SNAP only supports coregistration of multiple slaves against one master image (star graph)

hi @ABraun ,How can I view the properties of Sentinel-1 images (Such as temporal baseline, vertical baseline, Doppler, etc.) on the Vertex site without downloading them?The .csv file of the images in question is given below
asf-datapool-results-2021-10-28_09-57-54.csv (97.0 KB)

thanks Dr Stefan Auer

I am not Stefan Auer, but glad you found it useful.