Weird looking arrows generated from Wind Field Estimation

I am trying to use wind field estimation on a Sentinel-1 image using snap toolbox, but it’s not working as it should. I have tried both different images and different parameters.

I can mention that I had to change the dim-file as suggested in this post: Wind field estimation - valid mission error.

Regards Cop.

these are just the locations of the wind field vectors. Disable them in the layer manager and add the wind field estimation results instead. You can do that by clicking the + button in the layer manager.

Thank you, was an easy fix. Now i’m faced with the problem of removing the 180-degree ambiguity. I have the weather report, but have no idea of how to implement it into snap. I’ve found the wind_field_report.xml-file, but it doesn’t seem to have any parameters to set the arrow head.

The help center in snap explains the problem, but not how to solve it.

based on SAR data alone you cannot tell the direction in terms of +/-180 degrees.

Maybe there are data to ocean currents somewhere available.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I know that it’s not possible with SAR data alone, I’m wondering how to use an external source to correct the arrows.

In my case I want a wind field from an area in the Barents Sea. From what I understand it is possible to correct the arrows if you have some other wind information. Using a Norwegian weather service I have real time wind estimates from the same area in xml-format. Can I use this to correct the arrows?

Weather link: