What naming convention for automatically processing different S1 slices?

Sorry if the title is unclear.

I am creating bash scripts to automate S1 IWS repeat-pass interferometry over various study areas as part of an operational def monitoring system.
The outputs need to be placed in directories with repeatable/non- ambiguous naming.
Sepearting longitude is simple by using rel_orbits (especially now that I have the formula for rel_orbit from product name).
But I find it challenging to name according to latitude. All I can find in the product is timing or slices.
Previously I only processed single slice products, so I named folders according to orbit/master/slave slice numbers (eg. 131/55).
Unfortunately, these do not stay constant, particularly not for early acquisitions before S1B was launched, so I would often end up with 131/54, 131/44,131/45, This is fine to understand for PC’s but it hard if I want to find a specific area folder manually.

My new scripts use SliceAssembly with a wkt to combine slices and select bursts so using slice numbers becomes unworkable.
My gut feel is to simply create named footprints using a wkt. Eg. /out/footprint2/131/VV/, /out/footprint2/29/VH/ which allows for overlapping orbits within a study area as well as different polarisations.

Does anyone have experience to share or can give some advice on what you are doing in your systems?

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One possible solution would be to store some key metadata parameters of your products in a database table. Info like bounding box, relative orbit number, polarisation, date, time, product name, … and folder path. Folder path could be a concatenation of a subset of those parameters or could be any unique random text.
You would then be able to query the table, also programmatically and with postGIS-like functions, to find the products.

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