What’s the suitable program for opening and processing JERS-1 SAR DATA?

Recently I downloaded Satellite Data of JERS-1 SAR. The first problem was the data didn’t open in any software like (SNAP, MapReady, ArcGIS, ENVI, Erdas). The second problem was the data when extract it got without any extension, it read ju​st file.

Please Help my find program open these data.


The SNAP reader for JERS-1 is for CEOS format. This may be packaged differently.

Dear Iveci
Thank you for your interest, these files were downloaded from the website of G-Portal.
I don’t know what software that opens these files


It looks like the naming is different for these products than the usual CEOS file names. I’ve created an issue to update the reader to include this naming convention. Until the reader update is released, you could unzip and rename the files to start with the following:



Thank you again Mr. lveci

I don’t understand what you meant by creating an issue for the reader. I’m unzipping and renaming my SAR files as same as you mentioned above and didn’t open in SNAP toolbar.

Dear Mr. lveci
I found tools that convert raw data of JERS-1 from same website G-Portal, and convert all my DATA as you see the (pics.) in the attachment. This tool provides options for converting JERS-1 files to Geotiff or KMZ format. I don’t know why G-Portal website didn’t provide CEOS format for SAR JERS-1 images…

Great Thanks for your Interest Mr. @lveci