What should i download if i only want SNAP?

I am really very new to SNAP as well as to ESA products which I have never used. Now I would like to use SMOS salinity data so I was planning to download SNAP which i read is the free software provided by ESA (like NASA’s Seadas?). however when I go to the download site http://step.esa.int/main/download/ i see several tool boxes for the 3 Sentinel missions as well as I see SMOS Toolbox which I think is SNAP. Obviously i am very confused and running around in circles. Could anyone clarify what exactly i need to download for my small salinity project?
Thanks a lot.

If you don’t want the other toolbox modules you can download SMOS-toox only from here:


Note that SNAP 5.0 is the current version while SNAP 6.0 is in beta (test it out at your own risk)

Thanks a lot! So to clarify SMOS-toolbox is stand alone? it doesnt need any other code to support it?

SMOS-toolbox is a module of SNAP. You can also install all of the toolboxes, it’s still a single application on your computer.