What's the formula for calibrate PALSAR-1(PLR) data?

Now I’m using PALSAR-1( PLR)1.0data and achieve the operation of focusing 1.0data, but I can’t calibrate the data with snap since the format don’t meet requirement.Can you give me the method? I’ll appreciate for it.

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according to this page it is

10 * log10(DN) - 83 - 32
where DN is the square root of i²+q² (the real and imaginary part of your complex backscattering signal)

This document demonstrates it a bit more detailed, especially the calibration factor for different types of imaging modes:

Note the -32 is done only for the L1.1 SLC and not for L1.5

Thanks for your reply, ABraun and lveci. I tested the formula with PALAR-1 and PALAR-2 1.1data with SNAP, finding that the formula:
10 * log10(DN) - 83 - 32 is suitable for PALAR-2 data,but for PALAR-1,the formula should be:
which appear in the Calibration_palsar_products_v13 is correct.The process is as follows:

,and now I have another question ,I can achieve the calibration and get the DB value . However,I need calibrite for the i and q value,how can I do it?