When will the OLCI water processors L1 to L2 be available?

Dear all,
the final format for the L2 files is quite poor. Basically, there are only few of the possible concentration and IOPs. One might thing of implementing L1 to L2 processors to derive all the suite of parameters, like the GIOP processor in SeaDAS or the old neural networkd for Meris. As there are only few months left before the launch, it is quite disappointing that these tools are not ready. Any news?

Hi Jaime,

We will provide specific OLCI tools once they are usable and a minimum maturity has been demonstrated.

It would be more disappointing if we provide IOP processors that don’t work well or not at all because they were not validated against real data - which we do not yet have. The simulated OLCI data we currently use does not really allow for proper algorithm development and is uneligible for validation. Also naively adapting existing MERIS tools is not constructive because of the different viewing geometry and new band settings.

— Norman

For producing a MCI I use the equivalent bands and masks as for MERIS and it works quite fine. But how can I save permanentely the new band/mask combinations, so not to reload them every time? For MERIS they are there but I would like to put mine as well for L-1 data.

It is not possible to add you own values to the defaults.
But after you have configured the processor you can go to File/Save Parameters... in the processor UI.
The next time you use the processor you can load them in again by using File/Load Parameters...

With the next SNAP version 5.0, there will also be presets for OLCI.

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Dear Peter,
got that! Great!