Where are the ground control points?

Hello everyone! First of all, I looked for this topic in the forum and I didn’t find anything about it, excuse me if I’m duplicating the topic.
I have downloaded two Sentinel-1 images to work with them in SNAP. I’m trying to reproject the images in order to see them in their real orientation, but when I tried to do this I have noticed that my images doesn’t have ground control points (when I open the list where the GCP are, the list is empty), so, logically, the software can´t make the reprojection. I tried too with other two images and I had the same result.
Can I download these GCP from anywhere? What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for your time.

You should use the BAckGeocoding -> deburst -> Terrain Correction operators to achieve this for S1 images.

The list of GCPs you see in the GCP manager or vectors are for point added by you, imported or added by some operators. I think you are really referring to the Geolocation Grid that comes with the product. For this, look at the latitude and longitude Tie Point Grids. Note that for IW SLCs each band has it’s own because they represent different swaths.

For GRD products, terrain correct to get the ‘real orientation’.
For SLCs deburst and then terrain correct. Depending on what other processing you may want to do. You may want to do that before the terrain correction step.

Thank you for your answer. The terrain correction makes topographic reprojection in the images? I thought it made a correction of inherent SAR geometric effects like foreshortening or layover…