Why didn't I have a good result after the coregistration?

data:ers2 N1 PRI
I got a pair of subsets from the main images.The modeled coherence of image pair is only 0.54.I want to do D-insar.After the coregistration,when I inspected the result of coregistration,the corresponding points had a distance.It didn’t work. In the processing of coregistration, I purposely adjusted the coherence threshold to a low level for a useful result.But it seemed lost some information.The interferometric couldn’t form.Was some thing wrong with it?

This doesn’t look like complex data (i,q) needed to do InSAR. Please
make sure you are using SLC products.

So you meant that a sar image including i and q information is necessary .I know little about the N1 format.Do you know what can I do with this kind of images which have amplitude and intensity information ,either?Hoping for your reply,Iveci.Thanks!

First apply precise orbits and calibrate the products. With a
coregistered PRI products, you can only work with the amplitudes and
possible see the difference between the two dates.

Thanks for your suggestions,Iveci.