Why does my result of snaphu is like this?

This is the dem file:

This is the basic disp generated from interferometric process which uses Phase to displacement function. I have compiled it multiple times and on multiple platforms. But always getting the same type of result.

Tell us a bit more about your data.

  • What is your aim?
  • What data did you use? Which dates?
  • Which steps did you undertake so far? Which parameters?
  • How does the interferogram look before unwrapping?
  • How good is your coherence in the image?

It is very hard to give advice based on only images. We don’t know your study area and probably every step contains different error sources.

I am so sorry for not providing more information.

I am trying to find deformation caused by volcanic eruption. I am using master and 7 slaves. I am using Sentinel-1, single look complex data. The steps:

1.Split and Apply_Orbit_File.
2.Create stack using Backgeocoding
4. Apply Interferogram formation
5.Apply TopoPhaseRemoval
6.Add elevation band

The above steps performed with all default parameters.

Then I am exporting it to snaphu, then importing from snaphu. The snaphu works fine.

Then while doing the Phase to elevation, Phase to displacement operation. The output is like this.

thank you. Can you please also share your interferogram and coherence layers as screenshots?