Why I am getting a blank interferogram (Sentinel1 from SLC IW images)?

I am a newbie in interferometry and I would like to do an interferogram of mount etna between the 11/07/2016 and 06/07/2017. For that I applied step by step the tutorial about TOPS interferometry with Sentinel1: http://sentinel1.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/S1TBX%20TOPSAR%20Interferometry%20with%20Sentinel-1%20Tutorial.pdf
But at the end I have a blank interferogram and I am wondering if I missed something.
Those are the steps I followed with the screenshot:

Step 1:

Importing the two products:

Step 2:

To Coregester the two products:
Radar -> Coregistration -> S1 TOPS Coregistration -> S1 TOPS Coregistration

Those are the snapshots of the coregistration steps:

The result I got is another product:


Interferogram formation:

At the end of this step I got a new product:

The Problem:

Why my interferogram is blank ?!

Are both rasters still present in the coregistered stack? Generate an RGB image to check.

@ABraun Thank you for you reply. This is the RGB image of the stack (coregistration product).

although the contrast is a bit suspicious, yellow means that there is data from both images available and they seem to be coregistered correctly.

Can you show the color manipulation tab of your interferogram? Or maybe use the statistics tool to see the range of values within this raster. Maybe it is just a matter of color scale.

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