Why number of intesity images varies in different tiles?

Hello everyone,
I have downloaded sentinel-1 imagery for October 2016 of Java, Indonesia. There are five tiles. Among these 3 have intesity bands with (1 VH and1 VV). But in one tile it has 6 intesity images (3VH and 3VV). I was trying to do single image processing, it was taking long. So, I have tried to select only 1 VH and 1VV, but then errors were came up while doing multilooking and speckle filtering after calibration. I actually need same number of intesity images in every tile.

Please suggest me what should I do.

for your information, I have followed the steps as:

  1. Apply orbit file
  2. S-1 Thermal noise removal
  3. Calibrate
  4. Multilooking
  5. Speckle filtering

Thanks in advance.

Maybe some of your images are GRD (detected products) with VH and VV intensity and the other images are SLC (complex) images where you have separate intensity bands for each swath (3 swaths, in each swath HH and HV intensity = 6 )