Wind Field Estimation from quad-pol SLC RADARSAT-2


I would just like to ask the instruction on how to process if I want to extract wind speeds using quad-pol SLC RADARSAT-2? As far as I know, the VV is the default choice to wind field .I used the single-polarization( VV) ENSISAT-ASAR data to extract the wind field results successfully, but the full polarization RADARSAT-2 data failed all the time. What adjustments do I need to make in the process?

If possible, a step by step instruction on how to process will also greatly be appreciated.

It actually doesn’t depend on the the fact that Sentinel-1 has two bands. Just select the VV band in the first (Land Sea Mask) or second (Calbration) step and the module will only use this one.
The reason that you have no resuls can be various: Not enough (or too heavy) wind patterns in your image, unsuitable window size for calculation…

Dear ABraun,

Thank you for your kind reply. I will take good reference of your Suggestions.

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