Wind field estimation - re load vector layer

Hi there

Can anyone tell me where the wind field estimation results layer goes after writing your graph processed file?

I can find the processed SAR image and .xml file in the specified save locations but I cannot load the layer with the wind vectors on it when I reopen the product.



On the right hand side you may see the Layer Manager tool window. If not, find it under Tool Windows in the View menu.
From the Layer Manager, you can add the resulting wind layer.

However, this wind field estimation does not account for a weather model so it doesn’t result the ambiguity for the wind direction.
You may be better served using the Sentinel-1 Level-2 OCN products and viewing them in the SNAP WorldWind Analysis View.

Thank you Iveci

This was not working with a product I saved before writing the post, but i have tested it on another product and it is working again now.

I have read about the WorldWind analysis view on the help menu in SNAP - is there anywhere I can find more detailed documentation on how to use it?

Thanks again


@Iveci I have been searching scihub for S1A Level 2 OCN products and can only find a limited coverage when searching using *_2S* to search for level 2 products. Should there be level 2 OWI products available for seas around the UK?


Search by producttype:OCN and sensoroperationalmode:IW
The Level 2 products for WV and IW are different. Coverage isn’t very good. Around the UK I only see two areas with lots of products and other areas with none.