Wind Field Estimation Supported Products


I would just like to ask which products should I search for if I want to extract wind speeds using Wind Field Estimation? (i.e. 1. related to satellite platform, 2. product type, 3. Polarisation - which from what I know, should be VV, 4. Sensor Mode)

If possible, a step by step instruction on how to process will also greatly be appreciated. As far as I know, I need to start with Calibration and Speckle Filtering before moving on to Wind Field Estimation. Is it okay that I just use the default parameters or should I tweak something?


The steps are basically the ones of the wind field tool: You enter a Sentinel-1 GRD product and click through the various steps. After the last step, you have a vector file in the resulting product which shows the arrows and directions of wind fields.
But you will have to try around with the settings a bit because they strongly change with window size and other variables.

Maybe these topics help you a bit:

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Thanks, ABraun!

So now I have downloaded a couple of Sentinel-1 GRD products from the SciHub (, but when I tried processing them using wind field estimation, it was saying that Sentinel-1A is different from Sentinel-1. What is the difference between the two and where can I obtain Sentinel-1 datasets since Scihub only offers Sentinel-1A or 1B products?

Attached is the error image which says that Sentinel-1A is not a valid mission.

Can you show the read tab?


Here it is

Hi @kevinlulucas,

I have opened your image and there is no problem for me!

Are you sure the download process was correct? Can you open the image?

This should be fixed if you update you SNAP.
Select ‘Help / Check for Updates’ from the menu.

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Hi Marpet,

The update helped. Thank you very much!

For the window size, is it basically looking at it as the resolution of the estimation? If yes, what is the minimum value that I can assign for it? Of course, I will want to have the smallest value, probably even less than 1km, but I do not know what will its effect be on the estimates.


Hi Marpet,

I would just like to ask the instruction on how to process if I want to extract wind speeds using quad-pol SLC RADARSAT-2 or Sentinel-1 GRD products? As far as I know, the Sentinel-1 GRD products is the duad-pol (VV/VH).I used the single-polarization( VV) ENSISAT-ASAR data to extract the wind field results successfully, but the full polarization RADARSAT-2 data failed all the time. What adjustments do I need to make in the process?

please don’t post the same issue over various topics.

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