Wind field estimation - valid mission error

I updated to SNAP 5.0 recently.

When I try and use the wind field estimation on Sentinel-1A in a graph I get the following error whether trying to apply the graph in the GUI or using gpt on the command line:

Error: [NodeId: Wind-Field-Estimation] SENTINEL-1A is not a valid mission from: ERS1, ERS2, ENVISAT, SENTINEL-1, RS2

Unfortunately mission is not an option that I can set for wind field estimation.

Sorry, it’s a problem with the validation. I’ll fix it asap.
In the mean time, you could edit the Abstracted Metadata Mission field to SENTINEL-1
Unfortunately, you can’t edit metadata in the GUI. Save the product to dimap and edit the .dim file in a text editor.

Thank you for the prompt response.

Editing the Mission field caused another problem. Applying orbit correction failed as it looked for files with S11 rather than S1A in the filepath. Manually downloading the precise orbit file to the local directory suggested didn’t work either.

My current work around is to apply orbit file, thermal noise removal, calibration and then save as DIMAP. Then edit the dimap metadata as suggested and then to run the wind field estimation.

So I look forward to the validation fix!