Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Hi Mehdi,
i am facing the same problem as you had,
using SNAP 6 and latlong is very different untitled.fig (1.6 MB)

Could you explain how did you solve ur problem?
I am using SNAP6, mt_prep_gamma

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If it is now possible to skip Terrain Correction, how do I add Lat and Lon bands to the product?

Did you see this post? How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5

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Yes I figured it out eventually, thanks!

Hi Mehdi!
Congratulation for your results, could you please tell me how you export your results from StaMPS to GoogleEarth?

Hi Mohannad,
For example, if you want to have kml file of v-d, you need to do the following steps in Matlab:
1- save v-d using >>ps plot(‘v-d’,-1)
2->> load ps_plot_v-d ph_disp
3- >> ps gescatter(‘project_velo.kml’,ph_disp,10,0.4)
4- you can find the project_velo.kml file in the current directory.

For more info you can also refer to page 27 of SAMPS manual.
I hope it would be helpful.

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hi,@Mehdi.I use your method metioned above and successfully export to stamps. I use script and .m file changed by FeiLiu. form step 1 to 5,all is ok . but when to step 6,I encountered a problem as below scrennshot. also, ps_plot(‘w’) shows some errors as follows. please help me . btw ,I tested the material provided by hooper , everything is fine. it seems that my exported files are wrong?

Thanks a lot.

error 1 :The subscript index must be a positive integer type or a logical type.
error 2 :setting property 'PlotBoxAspectRatio ’ of class ‘Axes’ : input values must be positive finite numbers

@ABraun @SteffanDavies help me please

I have no idea, sorry. I’m not that deep into matlab to be able to debug scripts of others.
Extremely hard to guess for most of us I suppose.

Thank you anyway

Hi everyone!
Many thanks for @katherine @ABraun @bayzidul @FeiLiu @Mehdi @alvegavaleri and all the others for sharing their experiences, it was very useful for me to process 24 S-1 Tops IW data using SNAP 6.0 and in Windows under Cygwin 2.877 , StaMPS 3.3 and Matlab 2017.
I followed Katherine steps:

Taking into consideration that in SNAP 6.0 the steps 6 & 7 are included in Interferogram formation step.
But now I have some questions :

  • in my case, does the (+ve) velocities values really imply displacement towards the satellite? (since the master is not earlier than all the slaves). Is there any way to plot ‘v’ for just some of ifg’s ?(for example here the group of Ifg’s which their dates are after the date of the master)

  • How could we export Colorbar to the GoogleEarth with velocities values when use (>> ps_gescatter) in Matlab?

  • is there any way to get vertical displacement value from this relative LOS displacement?

  • I could notice a small shift in the results specially along the high-way in the west part of my study area, is it normal?


very impressive that you managed to get all that under Windows!

About the GoogleEarth export - maybe ViStaMPS is interesting to you:


hello @ABraun, i got an error when i load data with viStaMPS v.1.1, the error is like this

Error in ==> viStaMPS>pushbuttonSetup_Callback at 131
if ~isfield(vistamps, ‘Setup’)

Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 96

Error in ==> viStaMPS at 27
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error in ==> @(hObject,eventdata)viStaMPS(‘pushbuttonSetup_Callback’,hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

i used matlab R2017b linux, do you know how to resolve it?

sorry, I never used viStaMPS by now.

Hi @aziz10
I had also started to use viStaMPS but could not manage to work with it, so I have moved to GMT.

Can you tell me how to use GMT?

@muhannad how do you export stamPS result to csv so it can be opened in google earth or GIS software?

Hi @Daniel_bona !

Thanks again for @Mehdi for the answer of this question

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