Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Excuse me.

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Has someone the code ps_plot.m? The one I have always throws me the following error;
ps_plot (‘w’)
Error: File: ps_plot.m Line: 317 Column: 1
Illegal use of reserved keyword “else”.
With @mdelgado we believe it may be due to a corrupt version of the script

I’m using the 3.3b1 version, by the way

I have sent you already a private message. Please check


how to solve the “already contains…”?


do you have both VV and VH in your stack?

hi Abraun

Yes, I have HH and VH in my stack.


Try to reduce your data to HH only at the beginning. This saves a lot of time (and disk space) and you need only one polarization anyway. I cannot promise that this caused your error but chances are good that there is no confusion between the bands any longer.

Thanks! I try to it!

I am a freshman at SNAP&StaMPS. I have learned a lot from here, thank you all.
I successfully ran mt_prep_snap by cygwin64 (using a modified version provided by someone else on the web). But after running mt_prep_snap, the matlab automatically jumped out, said ""Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: \StaMPS-4.1-beta\matlab:

After that, I opened the matlab from the terminal and show as the second picture.

I don’t know what to do. I hope that someone can help me,please . Thank you very much.
ps. my matlab is windows R2016a.

I want to know how to configure matlab under cygwin64,i need your help

Your screenshots are too small to be readable I’m afraid.

I found a solution of this problem.!topic/mainsar/MDMV9yXDl1g
But it’s too simple, I can’t understand how to execute. I have done creat a startup.m and addpath, but I don’t know how to correct “the call of matlab scrip”
Thank you very much

when i run mt_prep_gamma in cygwin64 like this:
and the bash error occurs,how to deal with it

did you modify and source CONFIG.tcsh as described in the stamps manual?

see here: How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5

no I have not done it ?my system is under cygwin64
i need your advice sinceresly!

does source like this?
and what to modify?

please read the manual. Chapter 2 - you need to tell StaMPS where the installed programs are.

Sorry, but I can’t give any more advise on cygwin - it didn’t work for me and causes new problems.

can you gudie me to pass the first step,mt_prep_gamma

all i have done is in the SNAP,so in the .bash file I dont know which to edit!