Workflow optimisation

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the appropriate processing steps; I want to do a BOA Correction for a certain area. How to?

  1. Sentinel-2A product --> Resampling needed (for subset) --> Subset --> Sen2Cor (BOA)
  2. Sentinel-2A product --> Sen2Cor (BOA) --> Resampling needed (for subset)–> Subset

Are both ways appropriate? Creating a subset before doing the BOA Correction seems faster to me but as I figured out right now, resampling for all bands takes some time as well…

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If you want to apply the atmospheric correction using Sen2Cor, it should be the first step because the input of Sen2Cor must be the original Sentinel-2 SAFE product.

You mean the 2nd or?

Sentinel-2A SAFE product --> Sen2Cor BOA (atmospheric correction) --> resampling --> subset

Yes. As you said in your first post, if it was possible to apply the atmospheric correction to a subset, the first one would be faster. But it is not possible, so you should apply the second processing chain.

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