Working with multiple tiles - best practice?

Hi everybody,

I was wondering what’s the best practice to work with multiple tiles of L2A images?

I would like to extract all layers of multiple L2A images (many dates) as GeoTIFF for a area of interest (AOI) which is partly covered by 4 different tiles. Before the product format changed (somewhen in september?) it was easier for me, because the AOI was covered by one single product.

So what I tried to do right now is:
1.) L1C -> sen2Cor -> L2A for all tiles and dates
2.) Resample all L2A tiles to 10m resolution
3.) Create a mosaic of the 4 tiles ( SNAP was complaining about “multi-size product” even though I resample in advance) for each date
4.) Extract AOI by subsetting each mosaic
5.) Export as GeoTIFF (same error appeared like in step 3, did not happen in a earlier version of SNAP)

Is there any better/faster solution and does anybody experienced similar problems with SNAP (newest version) complaining about “multi-size products” even though resampling was done?

Thanks a lot!

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I’m still having trouble to find a efficient way to process and combine multiple L1C tiles from the same orbit & date to create one single multi layer L2A GeoTIFF image. I would be very glad if somebody can tell me how to do that with SNAP?

The error you see in the mosaic is probably the same error as in the subset operation (SNAP-686).

I’ve mentioned a workaround recently:

We are working on this issue.

Thanks for your response, saving it first as BEAM-DIMAP and then export to GeoTIFF worked.

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