Working with only some bands

Dear all,

I am developing a system to download Sentinel2 images, correct them with sen2cor, and obtain the NDVI for certain areas. As whole products are rather large, I was hoping that it would be possible to omit the bands which are not needed for NDVI calculation (only B04 and B08 are required for this task as far as I know). If I understood this post correctly, I will also need B02 and B03 in order for sen2cor to work.

I am able to download only the selected bands by specifying them in the download url from scihub (although one by one, which is not the most convenient way), i.e.:'f748207c-147a-4562-b44f-938d939cb3e9')/Nodes('S2A_MSIL1C_20170502T110621_N0205_R137_T30TVK_20170502T110937.SAFE')/Nodes('GRANULE')/Nodes('L1C_T30TVK_A009715_20170502T110937')/Nodes('IMG_DATA')/Nodes('T30TVK_20170502T110621_B03.jp2')/$value

But I am unsure about how to process this four (one per band) .jp2 images with sen2cor. Is it possible, to begin with, or do I need more files (thinking of the .xml file inside the .SAFE)? If so, is there an easy (only option I can think of is downloading all the files one by one) way to download this subset of data?

Thank you,

Jose Luis

Hi, Jose!

I will not be able to answer all your questions, but Copernicus Open Access Hub allows only two simultaneous downloads at a time. So I think if you want to stick to Copernicus Open Access Hub for Sentinel satellite data download, then this is the limit that you have to take in account.