Working with sen2cor

I am unable to open the sentinel2 corrected images (L2A obtained by applying sent2cor on L1C images) again on SNAP and I am searching for a way to do cloud masking in SNAP.

did you open the MTL file to open the product?
What happens when you try to open it?

For Cloud Masking: Optical->Preprocessing->Masking->Idepix->Sentinel-2 MSI

In addition to the previous comments, please, also check that you have updated SNAP, there was a change in the L2A format some months ago and the support for this new format was included in a module update.

Thanks a lot. I am unable to do atmospheric correction using SNAP right now. It is applied in some images while some are not working. The correction starts but disappears without progressing.

Can you please tell me the detailed procedure. I am a beginner.