World View tab covers right click

If I right click on a file in the project explorer when I have the world view tab open below it, the world view tab covers up the right click menu, so I cannot see the menu options:

Right clicking with World View tab:

Right clicking with any other tab open:

I don’t see that on Windows:

so you need to provide more details of your configuration. I have seen problems with windows updating whem using openJDK, so if that is what you are using you might want to try an Oracle 1.8 JRE. If your SNAP configuration matches mine it is not uncommon to have buggy graphics drivers. You can check the vendors website for bug reports and updates. If you are lucky, a forum reader with the same configuration will know a solution.

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Sorry. Here is the about page:


I am running it on a laptop with Windows 10 x64, 16GB of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce 1060

Laptop Nvidia GeForce 1060 versions are different from the desktop cards
Mobile NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Try GPU-Z. Best advice is to get drivers from the laptop manufacturer and report graphics issues to the manufacturer.

I see this behaviour too. Sometimes, not always.
We use a component from NASA World Wind. I’m not sure if we have much control about the behaviour.
And as @gnwiii already said it can be caused by the graphics card or the drivers.

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@marpet Good to know that someone else has experienced it. It is not too much of an issue for me, as I can just switch to another tab when necessary. I just wanted to bring it up in case it was not on your radar. It is a really weird bug though.