Write tab not shown when loading graph

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I want extract Chlorophylle-a concentrations and TSM with seninel 2A MSI using C2RCC in coastal area, in the graph execution part:
when i upload my graph, i don’t have the Write tab to select the output save path ?
TO CONTINUE THE C2RCC PROCESSUploading: erreur c2rcc.PNG…


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Probably the graph you are using does not contain a write node. In this case no write node is shown in the Graph Builder.
On the command line this is not necessary, but the Graph Builder requires it.
You can simply add a write operator, by right clicking into the graph area and select it from the context menu. Afterwards you need to connect it with the graph by drawing red line from the last node of the graph to the write node.

If you don’t see read node you need to do the same

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Creating a graph:

Click on the Graph Builder tool
To add the resampling operator, we click on Add > Raster > Geometric > Resampling
To add the Subset operator, we click on Add > Raster > Geometric > Subset, in the edit tab we change the edit tab,

we use an online tool to obtain a WKT (Well-Known Text) of the area we are interested in
we copy the WKT and paste it in the Subset operator tab of our Graph Builder dialog box
After creating our operators, we right click inside the graph builder, and click on Connect Graph and the operators will be connected in order by red arrows

After connecting the graph, we save it using the Save button at the bottom of the dialog window
opérateurs de graphes de connexion

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