Wrong coordinates displayed in SNAP

Hi all,
I noticed an issue while working with Sentinel 3 OLCI L1 EFR data. In particular the product is S3A_OL_1_EFR____20181123T152502_20181123T152747_20181125T024753_0165_038_196_4500_LN1_O_NT_002.SEN3

I set my pointer to (74.7°S, 164.1°E) which is the location of Mario Zucchelli Station located on the coast of the Ross Sea. Actually the “finger” is pointing in the middle of the sea. I have just opened the image, no processing has been applied

Could you tell me if I have made some gross error? Actually, the image has bee downloaded by using the copernicus scihub by selecting the proper region of interest.
Unless I miss some steps it seems that something wrong is undergoing in the processing chain.

Can someone help me?

Hi Marco :wink:

Firtst this might be caused by the geo-coding issue we have in SNAP 7. We worked on this for the upcomming releaese and improved it. But in my development the result is the same as in SNAP 7.
So, I’ve checked your product. I’ve set a pin at the geo-location of the station.
In the manager I show the values of the lat/lon tie-points and the latitude/longitude bands. So SNAP seems to find the correct location. At least based on the data in the product.
You expect the station somewhere in the lower part which I marked green, right?

Probably the issue is in the data.

Could you report your finding at eosupport@copernicus.esa.int, please?


Yes you are right. The station should be on the coast not in the middle of the sea. I will report to issue to Copernicus for sure. Thanks for pointing out.


Actually, I was wrong and the product is correct.
I set the longitude to 164° W (-164). But the station is at 164° E (164)
See the image:

Maybe the same happened to you?

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Thanks Marco for pointing it out. Actually I was pretty sure to have searched for the right coordinates but it turns out I misread the coordinate box and made a similar error to yours. Now I put a pin and it points to the right location. Sorry for having wasting some of your time. Now I’ll write again to Copernicus to cancel my request.