Wrong projection after a couple of calculations + Export GeoTIFF

So I downloaded a GRD from Sentinel 1. When i opened the manifest file directly with QGIS it was projected all properly. Afterwards I did some calculations on a subset:

  • Apply orbit file
  • calibration
  • speckle filter

and exported it as a GeoTIFF.

When I upload it to QGIS now it is projected at a wrong place and upside down.

The project is defined as a WGS84; Same as the processed sentinel geotiff.

The downloaded image is from the 25th of February 2017.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Apparently the problem also occurs when I just export the GRD file from SNAP as a GeoTIFF file without all those calculations. When I open it with QGIS it is not displayed correctly.

Any thoughts on that? thank you!

SNAP does not apply a map projection automatically. You need to terrain correct or map reproject before exporting to GeoTiff.
Without a projection, the image is in it’s acquired SAR geometry. If it’s an assending or descending pass, the image may look flipped or up side down.

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