Wrong range doppler terrain correction

hello. there is problem in georeferencing of polsarpro data in snap for alos 2.
after metadata replacement for radar orbit and acquisition data, the range doppler TC with SRTM3Sec performed but the result is wrong.
T11 element

georeferenced T11 :

have you also tried SRTM 1Sec?
Your area seems highly mountainous so an increase of spatial resolution from 90 m to 30 m could make a difference.

hi. yes i even tried with my own accurate DEM but the result was same. this problem does not appear with T3 matrix generated in snap but there is differences between T3 generated in polsarpro and snap.

have you tried running the range dopper terrain correction directly in PolSARpro instead?

my polsarpro version is 5.04 and do not support alos2 TC and new version isn’t available.

it is not officially released yet. I have sent you a private message.