X-Polarized Interferogram - Sentinel1

Hey Guys,
I am working on my Masters-Thesis and tried to generate X-Polarized(or Cross Polarized) interferograms.
Those are basically Interferograms where the VV and VH-Bands from the same image are compared.

My normal workflow to create Interferograms is the following:
S1 TOPS Coregistration -> Interferogram Formation -> S1 TOPS Deburst -> Topographic Phase Removal -> Goldstein Phase Filtering

My Problem: I can not select different polarisations in the TOPS Coregistration, anyone knows how to fix this?


I think you don’t need to select anything - if you select nothing SNAP should process both polarisations.

If I dont select anything it will only calculate VV-VV and VH-VH, but no VV-VH Interferogram.

@lveci @ABraun Someone has an idea if this is possible?