XML Results reports - setting the destination folder

Dear colleagues,

How may I set the destination folder of XML reports, such as “_wind_field_report.xml” or “_object_detection_report.xml” ?

By default they are created in “.snap/var/log”. Is there any way to change it?

I intend to create a shapefile from the results of “Object Detection” and a raster from the results from “Wind Field”.
The SNAP should permit the direct export of results to these formats.


Currently there is no way to do it other than to change where the whole
.snap folder is.
I’ll create an issue to address this. Export to shape would be nice to
have as well.

Thanks for the fast answer!
I will wait for a more elegant solution in a next software update.

In this meanwhile, I will solve it using shell scripting and GDAL.
Regards from Brazil!

Is there any news on this? I am processing data in batch mode and I need to direct wind field results to a more suitable storage location and also to name them in a meaningful way so I know which grid size I used in each case.