The S1 Toolbox category regroups all threads about the Sentinel-1 Toolbox, as SAR readers or processors.


The S2 Toolbox category regroups all threads about the Sentinel-2 Toolbox as Sentinel-2 product readers and product manipulation, Sentinel-2 processors as L2A processor for atmospheric correction, L3 processor for temporal synthesis, etc.


The S3 Toolbox category regroups all threads about the Sentinel-3
Toolbox as readers and processors for Sentinel-3 OLCI & SLSTR L1 & L2.
Useful information about Sentinel-3 and the data can found at the S3VT Documentation page.


This category contains all topic about the Sentinel Toolbox Application (SNAP) not related to a specific Sentinel Toolbox.


The SMOS Toolbox category regroups all threads regarding all SMOS tools like data reading, visualization and conversion.


Use this category to start discussions about the development of the toolboxes


Automatically created discussion topics for the STEP website.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, and things which don’t fit in another category

SNAP 6 beta issues

This category is set to read-only mode since SNAP 6 is publicly released.
This category is intended to collect issues found in the BETA version of SNAP 6 in this category.
You can get the BETA version from the Download page.

GPF Graphs

The category GPF Graphs is intended for sharing common graph xml files helpful for several users.

Show Room

In this Show Room category, you can present your results you have achieved with or without SNAP and related tools.
You can show interesting processing results, papers, SNAP plugins and other similar things.