10m Resolution

Hi everyone I’m able to perform “successfuly” a 10m res correction. However, when I go look for the final product inside the R10m folder of the L2A folder, there’s only a small file created called .database.h5, there is nothing else. Has anyone come across with a similar issue? When I open the R20m or R60m folders after sen2cor processing, all L2A products are successfuly corrected and available. Help please!!

maybe you find a solution here:

Thanx Andreas, but I already tried that one and the problem with that workaround is that I don’t seem to find that code to replace it for the other. There is nothing in Tables.py that looks like it. I Went through the whole file and didn’t find it. I think that used to work for the previous version of sen2cor. Thank you anyhow. If you know anything just let me know. I’m starting to believe the whole issue is about memory.

sorry to hear that. I’m not much experienced with sen2cor.
Did you already try the 10m data with the --sc_only option in order to see if at least the classification is performed?

Well i’m not much of an expert using the command line either. How do you go about it? I open the command window and then I’m clueless… Would you explain that to me please?

open the command window in the folder where the folder to your S2 data is located and enter
L2A_Process --resolution 10 --sc_only folder
where folder is replaced by the name of the folder with your unpacked S2 data.

see the manual at page 39 for further information:

Thanyou so much Andreas. I’m gonna try just that in a min. Thanks

Just one little thing, when you say the “unpacked S2 data folder” you mean the new folder created after the 20m resolution is done, right? (L2A USER folder) or is it the L1C OPER folder??

the original one with the raw data

OK perfect thank you