403 for skywatch-auxdata bucket

Thanks a lot!

I found I can work around this by hosting the elevation files myself and point snap to the new url. Was there a change with https://download.esa.int lately?

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strange, the direct links work for me.
@oana_hogoiu can you please check the server and see if anything changed in the CDN part? thanks.

Regarding CDN, nothing changed.
This is not a matter of CDN hosting the files, since the URL (containing the CDN location) is perfectly working.

I’ve also been battling with this issue today after resolving various other related issues.

The error gets swallowed (as noted by @a2tirb) but it looks like a client-side TLS issue as switching from HTTPS to HTTP in “snap.auxdata.properties” seems to work around the issue:

# ...
DEM.srtm3GeoTiffDEM_HTTP = http://download.esa.int/step/auxdata/dem/SRTM90/tiff/
# ...
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Is this still an issue and what might have been the cause? @lveci