After Sigma0

Hi everyone,

Suppose I got Sigma0 from Sentinel-1A for soil moisture, then what next steps should I follow to complete soil moisture mapping. Sorry for my limited knowledge.


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Backscattering for soil moisture

If no one answered it could be that there is no reasonable answer. For example because a standardized workflow for soil moisture mapping doesn’t exist.
Most of the published approaches use regressions to derive soil moisture from Sigma0. But you usually need ground truthing data to get the specific relationship between SAR backscatter and soil moisture (dielectricity) for your study area. This relationship strongly differs in terms of climate and landcover.

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Of course you can try to find studies which have been already applied in your study area:
If a stable regression is presented you can apply it to your data. But, from a scientific point of view, this is not very well-founded. Just applying random formulas won’t give you good results.

Please also have a look here, read some publications, compare their approaches, see what are the characteristics in your study area, make up ideas…


Thank you Sir, I will back to you after some study.