Alos-2 palsar-2 (level 2.1)

is level 2.1 CEOS Palsar-2 products will support snap software.
is it possible to import Alos-2 Palsar-2 level 2.1 data?
what are the required procedures?

ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 level 1.1 is better or level 2.1?
FOR biomass retrievel studies.

(Level 2.1 Geometrically corrected (orthorectified) data using the digital elevation data from Level 1.1.)

I’d say level 1.1 is more suitable because you still have the full control over the entire pre-processing (multi-looking, projection and the quality of the DEM for ortho-correction). It also still contains phase information incase you want to use it in combination with other images of the same track.

Maybe these explanations on product levels help you: GTC (Geocoded terrain corrected) data