ALOS PALSAR data problem

It is the third time that I start a new topic about my problem with some SAR data downloaded from ESA Earthnet.
Formerly I reported my problem with ALOS PALSAR PLR SLC L1.1 data and now I tested another ALOS PALSAR FBD SLC data with the exact problem!
Both of the mentioned data sets have not coordinate systems! When I Open them all of pixels have 0,0 coordinate whereas the same data sets which have downloaded from ASF vertex are OK and have not this problem!

What to do?
Any Idea??!!!

Not sure how do you open the data but using File/Import/SAR Sensors/ ALOS PALSAR CEOS the Fine Beam Dual Pol SLC products are opened without any issues

I have no problem with importing data!
I do as the same way you do.

Not a solution but the anwer on what is wrong:
Detected ALOS products (as provided by ESA) are not supported in SNAP, by now. That means, SNAP doesn’t know how to handle the data structure correctly. I’m afraid, opening new topics won’t change this.

What you can do is asking the developers (@mengdahl, @junlu) ALOS data from ESA will some day be supported by SNAP.

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Thanks for your reply.
Formerly I asked this question but you have never clearly answered them
So thanks.

In fact I can confirm that ALOS data in CEOS format are supported by SNAP but we are talking here about products processed with original JAXA processor. Currently all products distributed by ESA within Third Party Mission dissemination system are processed with ESA ALOS-PALSAR IPF and they differ from the original Jaxa products.

Here you can find description

The team is already investigating this issue but maybe @mengdahl can say something more about when its going to be available

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