Altitude parameter in user gipp


does anyone know, what exactly the altitude parameter does, which is provided via the user gipp file?

I assume it refers to the average altitude of the scene, correct?
If so, I am wondering that it should probably be adjusted for every scene.
Is this done automagically if a DEM is provided, or will it always use the default (100m) or user provided value?


Found it. In the input/output file linked in the post below it says:
“Altitude = Assumed altitude if no DEM is present [km]”.
Following that, the average altitude must be provided only when processing for flat terrain, i.e. without DEM.

@umwilm or @bdpg : Could you provide the full IODD document? I could not find it anywhere, but it does seem to contain valuable information missing from both the user manual and the theoretical basis project proposal on user settings like the details on the BRDF correction.

What I’m looking for, for example:

  • If the classification median filter is set to 0, does this mean it uses some (which?) default window size or no filtering at all?
  • Does WV retrieval benefit from using both absorption regions or would option 1 (940nm) be the best choice?

EDIT (for the sake of future completnes):
The response by Bringfried Pflug can be found here: