Apply Orbit Error in TOPSAR Cogrestration

Hello, I pass two images of 11 Aug and 23 Aug 2018 fore TOPSAR Coregistration and got an Erro for Apply orbit for Image of 11 Aug 2018. I error it mentions data 11 AUG 2200.

Would you please to have a look at this post ,

I understand I did not checked the box for oribit but it error it refers to orbit file of 11-AUG-2200 instead of 11-AUG-2018. I think the problem is due to some error in meta data…

Do I need to check the box to avoid this error?? as it works when I checked the box but I am not sure while this effect my analysis or not…

It is recommended to check the box to avoid any fail

In case your machine is in internet connected and you have download the image properly, then everything should works fine,

The SAR product could be defective or damaged during transfer. Please try downloading it again and see if the error persists.

@najamsyed It does not make sense. There are no products in the future (year 2200), at least not yet :grinning:

I think you might have mistakenly renamed it or as @mengdahl mentioned it was defective. How are you downloading the products?