apply rayleigh correction using snappy

Hello! I would like to know if it’s possible to use snappy to apply rayleigh correction on some data. If possible some small guidance would be awesome! Thanks a lot

Yes, this is possible.
You can invoke the rayleigh operator from snappy.
Please have a look at my post here:

The two lines:

HashMap = snappy.jpy.get_type('java.util.HashMap')    

Are not needed anymore with the current version.
So basically you need to create a map with the parameters and then invoke GPF.createProduct() with the operator name, the parameters and the input product to process.

The operator name is ‘Rayleigh’ and you get the names of the parameters from the menu by clicking on “File / Display Parameters…”.

Thank you very much marpet! You mention the newest version of snap, you mean 7.0 or 7.0.4? I updated to 7.0.4 yesterday, do I need to update my installation of snappy too?

Yes, I meant 7.0.4. SNAP 7.0.0 is the major release, and afterwards the toolboxes diverge with the version. S1TBX is at 7.0.3, S2TBX is at 7.0.1 and S3TBX is at 7.0.4 and SNAP is at 7.0.4 too.
No, snappy does not need to be updated. It hasn’t changed in the past.