Atmospheric correction and resampling of bands

Hello good Morning! How do I resample the 20 and 60 m bands to the bands for 10 m at the time of the atmospheric correction using the Prompt command?

There is no option to resample the data during the AC. You can only specity the desired resoltuion and then you get the bands available at this resolution. You need to resample afterwards.

maybe this comment also helps:

I understand! I already did the atmospheric correction, it worked! And now to resample the bands? Do I need to go by resolution or have a batch mode?

There are resampling options in SNAP. They can be used in the Desktop App or on the command line.
In the Desktop select Raster / Geometric Operations / Resampling or Optical / Geometric / S2 Resampling from the menu. But I think there was an issue with the latter. Not sure. You can try.
For differences between both see:

On the command line you can type the following to get help on the usage:

gpt Resample -h

Depending on what you want to do with the data, this might also be an option: Resample processing time

I made the correction, now I’m doing SNAP resampling with a tool you suggested. In SNAP the final file has the correct values, but not ENVI, the values are absurd (values of reflectance). I’m saving in the ENVI format.

Maybe you need to divide the values by 10000 (scaling factor). But this should actually be considered in the envi file.
There should be an attribute in the *.hdr file like

data gain values = {1.0E-4}

That’s what I got when I tried it.

I did some testing and it still did not work! Thank you!