bad UI on Debian 10

I’m new to SNAP.
The windows and UI components are, in some windows, not well aligned to the level I can’t use those features.
resizing the windows does not help.
I’m uploading a screenshout of the probleme in the Statistics tool but it happend in other tools as well.
What is the issue? How can I solve it?
I’m Using SNAP 7.0 on Debian 10, GNOME 3.34 & Wayland

Thank you

this happens when you have loaded more than one image view. Please again select the band in the Product Explorer or click in the image view to activate the statistics operator.

Apparently this is a OS-independet problem related to high DPI screens.
There are flags in the config file related to the issue but they do not work.
One can change the theme to a non-default one and it solves the problem.
Found the answer this post from marpet