Basic questions

Dear all,
I am a student in the Estonian University of Life Sciences, specialized in Geodesy ( 3rd year) and I am new to the SNAP program. I have some questions regarding my bachelors study about Sentinel 2a satellite imagery. The computer I am doing my work with has Windows 10 and the image in question is: S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20161206T084303_R036_V20151003T094016_20151003T094016.xml.

I am trying to classify this image, but there are some problems and questions:

  1. I have read from your site that before subseting I should resample the satellite image. Do i have to save this before subseting because when I try to open the RGB picture of the resampled photo it does not open. The program only shows a gray view of the image. I have already tried to save the image, but it does not work and sends an error.
  2. Should the subsetted images that I have chosen have the same size on the screen view?

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Kadi Õunas

Error that shows up.

Probably you see a red sign in the lower right after the error occurred. Can you click on it and look for more details regarding this error and post them. It would be good to where the problem occurs.
Alternatively you can go to Help / Open Log Directory and attach the most recent file here. It should contain more information.

Because of an issue in the subsetting function you should save the product to BEAM-DIMAP after resampling or remove all the masks. I have explained it recently here: