Batch processing of biophysical retirevals using multiple CPUs

Finally it worked by adding -c 18G.
Thanks for the clue.

Dear @marpet,
I confirm the problem when using the Resample and the BiophysicalOp in a single graph. Processing them in a single graph utilises one core, even if -q and -c options are correctly set (from gpt --diag).
When biophysical processor is called from SNAP or as single operator in gpt (gpt BiophysicalOp) utilises multiple cores, when BiophysicalOp is called in gpt from a graph (containing only Read + BiophysicalOp + Write operators) utilises only one core.
Hope this can be solved.


Sorry for an unspecific request but on november the 28th ,I upgraded Snap6 0 ,and everything went wrong
the update failed
Now the software crashed : i can’t do anything
Am I the only one

If the update failed you should uninstall, reinstall and update SNAP again.