Batch processing of Sen2Res

Though I want to apply sen2res to 10 or more Sentinel-2 L2A images, batch processing does not work for sen2res. Or is it too heavy work? It works when I apply the tool to only a single image.

I am working on Windows 10 with 64 GB and use snap 6.0.

Basically it takes a huge capacity when it’s applied for one granular, even though your machine is 64 GB RAM, still to perform 10 or more granular is make the process heavier, but try up 2 for instance or three granular and check up your machine performance.

Thank you for your quick response.

I see, it seems to need a huge memory.
I will try it from two and see if it works or how much it costs.

Here is good solution by @marpet could implement more granular in less time and less capacity,

Create graph builder, of resampling,

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