Biophysical Processor - Explanation of output data

I have one question.

I am using Biophysical Processor to Calculate LAI. When I get final image (.tiff) I get with two bands. One band is value of LAI, and what is the other band value? It has only 0 and 1 (I noticed that). Is there any relation with cloud mask or something? And which value is what?


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the other band (flag) is a band containing information about the validity of the output. It is an integer generated by 5 bits:

A value 0, for example, is obtained when all is right. A value 1 means that one or more inputs are out of range…
From the ATBD (, these values are:

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First of all thanks for reply. @obarrilero

But what is the actual meaning if value is equal to 1?
Should I remove those pixels as invalid?

Because, I see that almost all image is clear without skyes?

What should I do?


Pixels with flag=1 are not as reliable as pixels with flag=0. If you have to invalidate them or not will depend on your application and requirements.

The algorithm used to compute the biophysical parameters is based on a neural network. The coefficients of the NN are computed using some training data. The value of 1 means that the input values are different from the training data.

Can you please share the exact steps you followed