Cannot construct DataBuffer (S1 Calibration)

thank you I have checked the link you gave me and in that page, it says an image is available in my study area on 14/08/2019 but still, the image is not uploaded in Copernicus hub home page. does it takes so long to upload it?

usually the data is there quite quickly but there can always be some delay. If it is part of the official plan, it will be uploaded at least.

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HI ther can you tell me how can i make georeferencing to an image in SNAP

This depends on what kind of image you use. Please share more information on your data.

am using sentinel-1 image and i have done the terrain correction but i want to make georeferencing by adding Gcp which is collected from the study area for more accuracy but i don’t know how to do it

I was asking a similar questions quite some time ago and I was told that the terrain correction module is not using any manually imported GCPs

I am not sure if the GCPs in the manager somehow help to shift or adjust the image to adjusted coordinates or not.

Okay or is there is a way to make the georeferencing in other software like Gis and and bring it back to SNAP

The georeferencing tools in ArcMap or QGIS allow to set points and assign coordinates to them to shift the raster. But afterwards, the metadata (which might be required in SNAP) are gone, depending on your further processing.

Alright thank you

Terrain corrected S-1 GRD should have a georeferencing accuracy within a few meters (sub-pixel), provided that your DEM is good. What is your actual use-case?

I want to estimate soil moisture content from it

Ok, but is it really the case that sub-10m location accuracy is not enough?

I really don’t know but my advisory strongly comment me to make Geo referencing

You can do it with SNAP, using the SRTM DEM. GCPs are not needed.

okay thank you