Cannot find mintty.exe in SNAP 7.0 Win 64 bit

There’s an annoying bug in SNAP 7.0, whereby every time that I do anything, I get this error popping up that it can’t find mintty.exe. That said, the bug doesn’t seem prevent me from doing anything in SNAP.

Did you update your SNAP, from Help — > update,

I think you could remove the SNAP, and re- download the installer and install once more, please take a look at this post,

Source of the post

Also the mintty.exe, is explained in here, please take a look a this link


Mintty.exe is not used by SNAP. Mintty is a terminal emulator for Cygwin. And I don’t know where it should be used in SNAP.
Searching the source code for it did not reveal any occurence.

Is there a shortcut on your desktop that points to the exe? There were similar messages reported lately when the standard output directory is checked for valid file paths

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